Coming in the spring of 2024

Hello there! We are the Tinkers!

We take different materials sourced from all over the world whether they be stone, wire, wool, glass or all of the above and anything in-between to craft them into little snippets of beauty that we then send off to you at their new forever home. 

The “RamblingTinker” Company was founded in 2021 within our ranks we have decades of experience making creating and teaching others how to make jewelry and other assorted items. We pride ourselves on providing quality products whos materials are ethically sourced. We also try to leave as small of a footprint as possible in all aspects of production and shipping. By using Biodegradeable compostable packaging we hope to leave our mother earth alone to deal with all of the other pollutants generated by mankind. We are currently located in Concord California, just 31 miles east of SanFrancisco. “RamblingTinkers” currently has 2 makers that produce our goods. Hopefully we will expand our ranks in the future to add even more variety to our inventory. We are on the lookout for local charities that focus on the homeless, mental health, and environmental concerns. If you are part of such an organization please contact email us at